Aerva Pic2Screen application featured at Time Warner Cable SignatureHome

Aerva’s Pic2Screen service was a key solution when Time Warner Cable (TWC) wanted to showcase their new product and service experience at their SignatureHome® event. With their agency, OgilvyEntertainment, TWC staged a beautiful 4-story home in Manhattan decking it out with TWC product and services. The product series is called SignatureHome and service series is called SignatureService®.

Aerva’s picture-to-screen application (with moderation by Ogilvy personnel) enhanced the party atmosphere in a very luxurious home with people’s photos being taken by camera phones and onsite photographers. Pictures were then easily emailed to the Aerva Content Management System (CMS) in the Internet “Cloud.” The CMS allows simple browser-based moderation and approval of pictures. Pictures were then automatically sent to to elegant LCD displays for attendees to see themselves and each other for live action excitement. There was ample branding and descriptions of the TWC home products on the screens with majority of the screen devoted to visitors’ realtime photos.

Aerva’s Pic2Screen service gave Time Warner Cable’s technology demonstration some cool fun and real functionality. TWC and Ogilvy were looking for additional tech/gadgets/consumer digital interactive ideas that served as cool digital accent pieces to the house and complement the existing event structure. There was a constant stream of submissions to the Aerva Picture-to-Screen application that allowed the guests to experience TWC products onscreen and onsite as they traverse from room-to-room.

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